Lyrics to White Wind
White Wind Video:
Do you have something on your mind
your words don't seem to follow mine
long day and you're far away
long day don't what to say

The sun sets on the suburbs
I count my take and I plan my escape
Another age is fading away
right before the end they say that it accelerates

We could slow it down
change some things around
we're running out and
theres no more to be found
everything's for sale
take our paper trail
gather the evidence that we ever lived here and light it up

the last time I felt normal
I slept on the floor between two twin beds
with everything behind me
keep bringing up the memory, kill it completely

should I run to you
sell my possessions too
I don't hate it but
to me it has no value
everything's for sale
down to the nails
take all the evidence that we ever lived here and light it up
and disappear into a white wind
white wind blow through my room
cool the doors and call you down
until it's all clear my dear you can start it up again
watch it burn
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