Lyrics to White Van
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There's a yellow arrow painted on the ground
I give up and I decide to follow
There's a thick white blanket covering the town
And right now it's more then I can swallow

There's a ship sailing gently on the waves
There's a tear drop rollin'
There's a small hand pressed against a glass
And there's and engine pullin'

And you'll be far away
And you'll be deep inside
And you know that time is all we have

There's a big black nothing in your heart
There's me in a white van
And there's a million holes dug in the pavement
There's a good chance to avoid them

So if you decide to leave
Or if you decide to stop breathing
Don't leave me hanging
â??Cause time is all we have

And what about the love in your hands
And the cold in your palm
And the sweat on your forehead
I can never ever be calm
I can never sit still
Because I'm like an alarm-clock
See me
Hear me
Do this
Do that
Take my words, eat them and swallow
Don't measure my steps and actions
Just hold me close and I will follow

And there's a big knife pressed against my throat
There's a word carved into my back
And there's a sea of questions everywhere you go
And there's really no way out

And if you decide to leave
Then you'll leave without me
And you know that time is all we have
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