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Lyrics to White Girl (Interlude)
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I told them I was gonna give them a call on the phone Nigga I'ma get them on the phone, tell you they bad though Put on your clothes nigga, we might have to go out there Aight, it's rining, let me do the talkin Let me put you on the phone Hello? Hello, can I speak to Julie? Speaking Julie, you remember my man you was askin for last night? Yeah Yeah, I got him here with me. He's sittin right next to me You got Ma$e? Yeah I'ma put him on the phone Becky, pick up the phone Yeah, tell Becky to pick up the phone Hello? Hi Becky Hi, how are you? I'm fine, how are you? Fine Aight, so Becky & Julie, I'd like you to meet Ma$e. Ma$e? Ma$e? Yeah, what up? Oh my God This isn't really Ma$e. It's Ma$e. This is Ma$e Oh my God Where you at? No I'm at Harlem World 125th Street, Apollo? Yeah Where all the abandon buildings are? Yeah Oh cool Oh wow. This is not Ma$e

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