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Lyrics to White Florida Sun
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Grey hats, red drinks

I know I'm clearly on the brink

Or on the ledge for which is which

I don't know anymore, I don't know anymore

Well, it's a Vegas kind of night

Slide the coin into the slot

I don't know where you are, but I know where you are not

Losing is in the air and it's rubbing off on me

I've been trying to look cool, but I'm sure I look naïve

It's hard to look cool when you're choking on your drink

White Florida sun, Mexican sea, well,

They're calling out to me

Sand like the snow, bodies of gold, well,

I'm leaving Losing St.

But I've got to let you know before I leave here

I placed every bet I had on you loving me, dear

Now I lost it all and was it just in vain

Oh, you know the house has won again

(I lost it all)
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