Lyrics to Whispers
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[Vic Mensa]
To whom it may concern I roll another L and let the paper burn
Boy I'm bout to put on my signal I need to take a turn
See I be tryna tell em' but it's hard to make em learn
The white man run the ballers too, David Stern
Kindergarten teacher had me twisted
Had me up in that slow class
Didn't know that I was gifted
I bet they mad they missed it cause that youngin' bout to blow up
And they gon' want me down when they see a nigga throw up
Her feet up in the air man I got yo daughter toe up
Have her smokin' until she stupid and her drinkin'
Until she throw up
Now whose to blame
The game chose me I didn't choose the game
I can only take away your perception of it I can't remove the pain
It's hard to accept the money and then refuse the fame
Now I feel like Etta James
Take it I'm not losin' fame
Go get a brain
Nigga lose the chain
Cause that's that goofy ass shit that be makin'
Most of you losers lame
A lotta dudes the same I know that I'm different
Cause even in the middle of it I be feelin' distant
Everything's changin' on you it's hard to be consistent
Workin' by myself no assistant
Kids These Days is like a movement in the making
So if you think I'm playin' yo amusement is mistaken
Niggas word to Jay they think the music is amazing
And we just be chillin' with our people proofin' in the basement
I'm a fly guy
Burn the turbine fuel soon as a nigga fly by
Chilling when I step in the science
Captain Sci-Fi
Workin' on my touch like I'm on somebodies Wi-Fi
But need my own box like muay thai
Feed on the router I'm in my room up on my macbook
Was on the streets while you was hittin' the black book
Watch my front girl
I'll tell you how yo back look
The mission is to change more lives than crack took
I'm back on the block
I know it's wrong but we all go through it
Fightin' my subliminal tellin' me dawg don't do it
Told myself I needed my space
Then logged onto it
It was love like Jessica Huet
Until I blew it

Verse 2
And I blew it too
God I'm only tryna' do what you would do
So why we split up for her like two and two
I know I been an underage drinker and a truant too
But when you comin' up in the city shit can influence you
I don't blame it
But they shoot it before they aim it
Hit a rapper tell a lie and entertain it
That shit is for the birds like bread crumbs
A Bakery deliver how the bread comes
Drunk off murder sippin the red rums
Black sky
Mother lamenting over her dead son
You ask why
The bullet wound from which a nigga bled run
For hours for the law even decide to show they face
Now they closin' up the casket like they bout to close the case
But fuck it
That's the reason we get high is for escape
But when you runnin' from your problems man it's hard to win a race
See they tell you the wit you playins' what brought you in yo place
But I'm permanent and I'm too hard to erase
Listen to the whispers

Outro [Aja Monet]
To whom it may concern
You're a negro spiritual
Your touch is magic
Got me feeling mystical
A ? my spirit cuz you
Got me in the physical
We can be holy scripture
The metaphor is so biblical that eyes are watching God
Yeah I see you youngin'
Got a thing or two to learn about lovin'
Too many of these kids is just out here fuckin'
Let a fly grown women teach you something
Welcome to school
Heres a life lesson
Love her like an instrument cuz she's a blessing
When you call on God remember she's his saxophone
Her heart beats His favorite ringtone
Did you know black love was political?
Hip-Hop was libation ritual
Flashbacks of us holding hands through the middle passage
You still stuck in class trynna' pass this
Lets be under the panther act and raise some cubs
Thinking about carrying on the Legacy of us
I'm from the city that never sleeps
Never thought your skyline can make me weak to the knees it's the
Essence of your presence I can hardly speak got a
Poet at a loss for words
In the audience front seated
I'm drunk off the moonshine of your design got me retreating to collect myself
Cross my legs I'm just trynna' protect myself
The greatest weapon is your heart
The last man i loved was a shot in the dark
We get so uncomfortable with silence distracted by the screams then resort to violence
Hear the whistle of the soul as it bleeds
Hear the hunger of a man as he feeds
Know the plant can't grow without watering the seeds
When it gets quiet remember its me
Listening to the whispers
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