Lyrics to Whispers
Whispers Video:
The way she whispersThe stories I have heardIn captivation my eyes are wide with her wordsSo much respect in hereMy heart is blowing up to burstWith one step forwardShe leads me by the handI think I'll amke itThough stars up in the skyThey show we're all the sameAnd some day soon they say we all must dieChorus:Tell them allWrap them up in fireWith your loveHere I amSomebody told meThe answer's in the fightGrab all you canTake everything in sightDon't care if I sit here foreverHolding nothing but my heartShe whispers to me"It makes no differenceYou get what you giveAnd only then just enoughTo make you happy no more no lessToo much is too absurdCHORUSShe speaks in silenceHer work is never doneBut still goes on 'tilThe battle she has wonBut for a moment I thought I saw herDancing in the stars

Songwriters: READER, EDDI
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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