Lyrics to Whisper Of The Elements
Whisper Of The Elements Video:
I am by virtues greater,
Than all this fair mid earth.
Yet less,
Than a worm,
Than a worm of soil.

I am lighter,
Than the moon.
Move swifter,
Than the sun.

The seas are all and rivers too.
In my strong embrace.
This lap of earth,
With its green plains.
Its Depths.
I Touch,
I Move,
And I wave.

To Hell I can descend,
But mount over the Heavens.
On all sides I reach.
To Earth I fill,
And all sea streams.
On all sides with myself,
Over the abode of Men.

Yet I am unseen,
But all Men know,
That I am here eternal.
Whether sun doth shine,
Or rain descend.
I remain.
I will remain 'till all Life's End.
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