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Lyrics to Whisper Hammer
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I sold the pickle to a man with a nickle. Year old animals aren't careing old post cave. I told the driver, I wasn't a subscriber. In is for times low davle in lease cord.
I can't see the Whisper it's going home, it's going home.
Drop the hammer & it won't go slow, won't grow slow.
Sensibility clean man jaws cold tea. I rolled a 15 no berries it was unseen. Not more caught faired. I was left over. I was left over. Put in the fridge. next to the old lettuce & syrupy ledge. The sensors are blown. Didn't work. Didn't work.

Trapped in a barn for a while. Said e oval troble maybe. I ten or airy bubbles crunch. At the mouth,VS billsgot to be paid in the terrace. Came out combs taolk to me. Whisper Hammer shouts for a sponge.
I'd Hate to defend the wrong side of the mountain.
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