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Lyrics to Wheres The World
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At first I was terrified
to lose these jewels of mine
a life of foreign dreams
a life-time of someone else
twenty some-odd years
give it all away
then I find myself alone and on the floor

Where's the sun today?
Has it gone away?
Can't it break through the clouds?
Where's my world today?
I left it yesterday
Now I feel alone

Let go of everything
all your hopes and dreams
give them all away
and move to some other town
Words are razor-blades
they cut through accolades
Then you'll find yourself alone and on the floor

Where's my world today?
I left it yesterday
Can I carry on?
Where's my world today?
Layers stripped away
Left alone with myself...

and the pain of discovery
and the tears of agony
when you're shown in reality
that you're not who you thought you should be
and the beauty of simplicity
when you're shown a diamond inside
when the truth is realized
that you were meant to be who you are

Where's your world today?
What is life today?
Can you carry on?
Where's the world today?
Have you any strength?
The courage to carry on?
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