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this is ages in the making
this chance i'm finally taking
'cause tonight is better spent with you
i won't even try to hide
all the things i kept inside
'cause i'm finally spending time with you

cause i sit on my roof and
i count up all the stars
from where i am to
exactly where you are
'cause every night finds
me looking at the sky
always thinking about
this girl that makes me smile

and i'm so glad to be here
i couldn't picture me here
as early as a month ago
i wrote this in a hurry
so i'm sorry if it's not perfect
but it's the best way i have to show

and every night
she's why
i try so hard
to get this right
so she might see
just how much
it really means
to me

and i sit on my roof
and count up all the stars
from where i was
to exactly where we both are
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