Lyrics to Where Was My Brain?
Where Was My Brain? Video:
I saw a future, I saw me a way
Equal work, I thought, demands equal pay
I heard new music on the radio
I thought that gradual dissolution would be the way to go
Where was my brain?
Modern agriculture gave me a thrill
Until I saw the things it brutally kills
Modern architecture gave me a kick
Until I lived among the Brutalist bricks
Where was my brain?
With me all the time, getting it wrong again
All the suffering evened out in the end
Stars and scriptures had some things to portend
Thought that I could speak my mind but avoid a fight
I'd do it all and make sure everybody's doing alright
And we had the best in an imperfect world
We had the best of an imperfect world
We had the best the best the best
Where was my brain?
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