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Lyrics to Where The Wind Blows Forever
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There are times I can't stand this world anymoreLike a prisoner I watch the birds flyThere are times I can feel I could reach out for moreThen I lay in the grass and I stare at the skyIf I could fly away over the fieldsI wouldn't stay in this place any longerAnd if I could fly away over the seaIn my songs I would write how it is to be freeWhere the wind blows foreverI'd try to goWhere nothing else matters anymorethat's where I belongTo the places unknownThere is my homeWhen I open my eyes the dream is goneI will never be able to flyThen I raise my head to the place that's my homeAnd I lay on the ground and I start to cry(refrain solo)And then again I can seeAll this beauty aroundI will stay in this worldWith my feet on the groundLike the other ones (everybody else) and I'll never beLike a bird flying over the sea

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