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Church Of The Truly Warped

Lyrics to Where The Wild Things Are
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Where the wild things are

Under the blanket sky in a daze of slumber

I got my wolf suit on there's just loneliness and hunger

Staring into yellow eyes, big teeth, sharp claws

The ground is shaking from the rattle

of the theirs roars

The monsters are my friends

until the bitter end

I tamed them with the trick

Don't need no chain or whip

I wanna be, i wanna be

I wanna be where the wild things are

Running across my dreamscape i wanna swim the fishless sea

I wanna feel the sun on my back, burning a hole in me

Gonna swing through vines in the jungle, to where the river part

Hear me shout at the top of my lungs “Let the wild rumpus start”

Imagination is running riot now and it might be a sign

When i'm bad i'm really bad but these guys are friends of mine

There's a light in the distance shining like a new born star

Gonna sail away for a year and a day

To the place where the wild things are

All this concrete crushing me

It'll grind my bones to dust

Being lonely is no fun at all

You've got no-one to trust

Here i'm king

And it's good to be king

(Thanks to Mauricio Reyna for these lyrics)
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