Where The Twilight Dwells Forever... Lyrics


Tales Of The Woods... Thus Was Written

Lyrics to Where The Twilight Dwells Forever...
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"We were such as you are ... you'll be such as we are"

I open the gateway to eternity
My soul wanders alone to infinity
Leaving the empty world of vanity
My thoughts float away from humanity

In my dreams I have died
In my heart dwells twilight
The final words leave my lips
"Sic itur ad astra"

Eternal twilight in my heart
Starless black night breeds no light
Lifeless darklight in my eyes
Eternal twilight of eternal life

I have to approach the dark mystery of infinity
From the depth of night into the space
And from the space into the depth of night

One with the shadows of the night
Twilight meets my soul tonight

Time has stopped at twilight hour
Stars went black, sun is no more
Under the moon I lie all alone
My life has ceased and I am gone ... forever gone
Where the twilight dwells forever more ... forever more
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