Lyrics to Where I'm From
(DJ on the beat, so it's a banger)

I grew up with all my niggas (All my niggas), in them buildings
Low income, roaches on ceilings (Roaches on ceilings), man, y'all don't get it
But I had a dollar, we was at the store (We was at the store), folks gettin' fifty
We was so close when we was dead broke, now I got a million, nigga, I'ma split it
They say, "Von, why you trippin'?" Nigga, watch out, mind your business
I done lost niggas, all I got is pictures, I don't give no fuck, I don't got no feelings
I was seventeen locked up in the cell, got word they just killed O
I was confused, O was the G.O.A.T, how they killed him and he stay with his pole?
Now I'm just doin' my time, can't get bro out my mind, I'm goin' crazy
I called Sheroid one time 'cause I saw the news and somebody ain't make it
Can't be us, they mistaken, I asked folks, his voice shakin'
He switched the subject, tried to change it
But I'm not slow, you can't game me
I'm like, "Who?", he like, "Nigga, what?"
I'm like, "Who got shot?", he like, "Fuck"
I'm like, "Nigga, what?", he said that's our boy J.R
My heart stopped and I'm confused 'cause J.R, he a leader
How the fuck you gon' die on us, nigga? O just died, we need you
Now I'm on the overtired on the deck with niggas I don't even know
And nigga, I over cried, I can't lie, I'm a gangster but that shit hurt
J Money was in there with me too, we was sick but we ain't had a flu
We was jammed up, ain't shit we could do
Didn't beat his case, J Money actin' a fool
Now I'm in boot camp by now, I'm comin' home at the right time
Sosa goin' crazy, got the city on lock now
O'Block, bitch, we hot now
I get out on house arrest, first nigga I call was Duke
He said, "Shit, what you on?", I said, "Shit, bitch, what's new?"
He said, "Shit, nigga, it's you"