Lyrics to Where Has Sally Gone
Where Has Sally Gone Video:
Little girl, little girl
Watching over daddy's farm
From your spot in the old oak tree

Little girl, little girl
In your spot that overlooks
All the flowing grains of grass and harmonies

But, where has papa gone?
Where has papa gone?
To the coast

TV dinners, magazines
He's going to make it on the scene
A new Mercedes with a financed lease

A little girl to sow the garden
While he's chasing down his dreams
A little late under those fateful trees

But little Sally's stressed
Because she can't quite the dresser drawers or cabinets

Little girl, little girl
In your spot that overlooks
She sees a thick rain and an overflowing crick

Man the latches, ground the floor
The wind is knocking at her door
But she's too little for that latching job to work

And out the door she flies
But the wind won't stain her eyes or the collars of her dress

She's with the rest, of them
She's with the rest, of them
She' with the rest

Now, where has Sally gone?
Where has Sally gone
To the coast
Just in a different way
To the coast
Over the Atlantic bay
To the coast
She helps the sun each day
Shine over you
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