Where Did The Music Go? Lyrics

Capital Lights

Better Late Than Never

Lyrics to Where Did The Music Go?
Where Did The Music Go? Video:
What's this, a circus or a fashion show?
I think all of you Freaks should let it go.
I just blinked and what do you know?
But where did the music go?
In your mind, stop giving up.
It's not gone, just hiding from punks that died so long ago.
Where did the music go?

Hey all you people in the crowd;
are you ready to scream your voices oh so loud?
Bring back the music that was lost.
Bringing forth to life the punks of the past.

Are you ready? Rise up.
If your not, Back up.

This music's deep inside me, but there's just something missing.
We put our hearts into it, but there's just no one listening.
And we'll do the only thing we know
I really dont know where it's leading, but I guess I'm going to have to walk alone.
I'm not quite sure where it's headed, but I guess the music had to go.
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