Lyrics to Where Am I?
Where Am I? Video:
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him
We have the technology
(I can't feel anything)

It started as the first steps towards a man's ending
An ended up being more like Johnny Depp in Transcendence
The numbness, how did I become this?
Will anybody learn anything from this?
We've all felt like a shell of a man
But imagine a man without a shell, that's a livin' hell
Virtual prison cell murdered my existence or is it preserving my existence?
I can't feel but this is colder than the worst December
I'm like that Captain America flick, the First Avenger
Mind's intact, but yet and still it hurts to remember
Where's my home? Did it burst into ?
What about my loved ones? Are they gone forever
Did we take our last road trip singin' silly songs together?
Who's in charge here? Who do I talk to?
What kind of time portal did I walk thru?
Somebody tell me where am I!

Where, wh-wh-where ya at?
Black out and wake up to catastrophe
Where Am I?

You have questions a many, your mind's in a frenzy?
Hold up for a moment, calm down, let me tell thee
You are you in the truest form
Just with no human form, nowadays, human ain't the norm
Yo body would roast, the sun is too close
With new types of bacterias, our bodies fells host
It's 80 years beyond when you've last yawned
You missed the earth spliters and the winters with the nuclear dawns
Ak, it's me Lif, I stored your consciousness on a disk
I'm leader of a team of scientists
Considered unethical or ill-advised, but we're alive
Please Don't cry with virtual eyes
But visualize the new body you'll have soon
That we've built, powered by the light of two moons
With new alloys that I found in Beloize
A new planet that's arisen since earth became void
Free yourself from the who and how
Don't grasp at the past, your path begins now
Your question haunts me every now and again
As I look into the sky and see a mountain of flame
Where am I?

Where, wh-wh-where ya at?
Black out and wake up to catastrophe
Where Am I?
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