When You're Blinded By The Light Lyrics

Vigilantes Of Love

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Lyrics to When You're Blinded By The Light
When You're Blinded By The Light Video:
I trusted you until it hurt
Don't wanna go there for awhile
Can barely recognize the word
I've been forgetting how to smile
It's funny how supposed friends
Trip in here so fancy-free
Ah, but when the story ends
We just rewrite our history

And it's no good telling stories
When my ears are sealed up tight
It does no good to see the sunrise
When you're blinded by the light

Gave you all the best we had
Of our labors and our trust
Played a benefit of doubt
Yeah, but we couldn't raise enough
Bought a one-way ticket to nowhere
On a ship called "Lost at Sea"
It was there I found my courage
She was sleeping next to me

Lord, show to me Your face
Lord, show to me Your skin
Lord, show to me the places
Where they put the nails in
Gonna crawl in there with all my fears
Introduce them to my pretense
Yeah, introduce them to my sorrows
They'll become the best of friends
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