When You Wake Up A Snake Lyrics

Les Savy Fav

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Lyrics to When You Wake Up A Snake
When You Wake Up A Snake Video:
If you wake up a snake
With your tail in your mouth
And there's no one around
So you swallow it down
You know the price that you pay
When you're dying that way
Is that you start out so loose
And end up a noose

We're kepping indirect hours
And we're bathing in our sweat
We're building faulty towers
And we'll be buried with our dead

If you rise up a tree
With dirt up to your knees
And bees land in your mouth
And birds make you a house
Don't pray for the axe
To bring you collapse
You won't hear the thunder sound
When the lightning strikes you down

We're making money from mishaps
But it's less than we can spend
And now we mortgage our knee caps
They say it's best in the end

If at the break of dawn
You've turned to salmon spawn
And you're all covered in scales
In some fisherman's pale
Don't dream of the time
You spent before the line
Or how someone will suck
When yours is finally up
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