When You Left Me Lyrics

Marina City


Lyrics to When You Left Me
When You Left Me Video:
Loneliness has found a home in my chest
I say I'm fine but I'm miserable at best
Now smokes the only one who takes away my breath
And these drinks are the only ones who kiss my lips

Please come home

Our bed now just swallows me whole
And I can't listen to the same songs we loved anymore
And if I could I would have left me too
Why stay with someone who wouldn't fight for you?

Please come home

Because I'm falling to pieces
Faster than you can catch me
I'll keep my head held high
If this rope never breaks from the ceiling
And I know I have what it takes to build my own grave
If this love has died then I'm ready to be by its side.

Please come home

I didn't mean it
I wish I never said
Please give me another chance
Didn't want to believe it
But I lost everything when you left me

Please come home
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