When We Fell Through The Ice Lyrics

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Lyrics to When We Fell Through The Ice
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Although I felt we hung
We hung from slender strings
The night and we were young
And that meant something
It was a fickle moon
Led us to the riverside
And we sat down beside
It's double on the ice
And took our wine
And we drank to a brighter future then
Not once, not twice, but three times
And then three time and more
Again, again, again until I forget
Just how much it was

Well that dispelled our fears
And me, I did not heed my ears
And I thought I heard the sound of cracking ice
What a feeling then to know
Oh, we could make ourselves, celebrate ourselves
We could make ourselves and break ourselves
So we tumbled around the place
We stumble around the place
Knowing we'd be broken surely
And we'd mended poorly
But there's love
And some loves go with you to the ground
And now the ground beneath us
Its parts becoming pieces
My love, my love I could follow you down
In the river we run
In the rain, with the fish
With the silt, the stubborn sport
To the ether we go
There's nothing to bear anymore for it's us who are born
With buckets for eyes now we take in and know
All the secrets of the morning frost and the dew
Hung on the vine
They are yours and mine
Now lilies hang as chandeliers above our happy home
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