When Walls Arise Lyrics


Blind Camera

Lyrics to When Walls Arise
When Walls Arise Video:
You're standing quiet next to me
Just like an angel with a broken wing
We tried to find a never waning star
But we can only see a blinded shine in the sky
You spread my arms to fly

When walls arise between us
I could lie inside your arms, the stars won't shine again
When walls arise between us
Let us fly away again and vanish in the sky

When eyes can only see
What's been described a thousand times before
Each step ahead would only stop our dream
When rooms grow small and far too tight
I spread your arms to fly

The shelter is lost you said
We've fallen out of grace
And neither one remembers our basis, it was gone
The tears have ceased you said
Your eyes are black instead
And we could not remember how to spread our arms to fly
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