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Insane Ian

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Lyrics to When The World Ends
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I've been trying to think
what I'm gonna do
When the world will end

Maybe I should try
doing all the stuff
That I'll never do again

I'll take all my money from the bank
and buy every kitten from the store
then I'll put 'em all in little tanks
and make 'em fight a little war!

Run through the streets nude!
That's what i wanna do!
No time time to be a prude
When the world ends
When the world ends!

Since this is our
last year on Earth
We should go all out

Take the folks who
really bother you
And punch them in the mouth

Buy a giraffe from the zoo
And ride him everyday to work!
Or maybe ask Motley Crue
to write a song for Captain Kirk!

Shave dirty words in your hair
Spend every day as Cher
Act like you just don't care
When the world ends
When the world ends!

Get together with all your friends at a countdown party on December 21st
We may only get one "Hobbit" movie but at least we'll have seen "The Avengers"!

I can finally
tell my boss exactly
what I think of him

Take a dump
right on his desk while drinking
chocolate milk and gin

Use the corporate limousine
To drive the Las Vegas strip
Then recreate every scene
from "The Hangover" with midgets

It is all up to you
Do the things that you want to
No consequences and no rules
When the world ends

If you decide to go this route
I really hope it all works out
And that the Mayans were right about
When the world ends
When the world ends!
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