When It Comes Around Lyrics

Reed Foehl

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Lyrics to When It Comes Around
When It Comes Around Video:
When you're frightened
When it all gives way
I know there's more
More I want to say

And when you lied to me
In that moment so clear
I will stand up, I will not fear
Overcome what's said and done
It's always easier to say
Than it is to go ????

Ah, when it comes around
When it comes around

Here it comes, there it goes
Only life, I suppose
Hearts get torn, love is (foreign)
Gathering stones, they're rolling home
Going up, falling down
On this merry-go-round
Start the race, and again
Over and over, it never ends
I got drumming like an earthquake
Trouble like a headache
I'm mixed up, fed up, oh and I'm set up.

Ah, when it comes around
When it comes around
When you come around
When it comes around

(Thanks to wendy for these lyrics)
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