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Lyrics to When In Chester
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fix me.
don't tempt me.
believe me it's worth it for now.
it's got what you said and everything after.
i don't want you to.
take back the breaths we've taken.
the breathing we've accepted.
excuse me if i've imposed but i'm just trying to find out what you're made of.
higher education on a literal level gets results.
soundwaves react to the way they drop you just can't quit.
chalkdust settles in my hand.
my plan.
my life.
everything isn't white.
i'll be your doormat.
i'm breaking your fall.
in the fall.
no one hears me at all.
the diagram's drawn when i wake up at dawn.
too tired to yawn.
i fall back a year.
i'll always be here.
resting counting and hiding my fears.
i'll never fully be gone.
limitations on the statue.
god's lake narrows.
off the top of your head.
and we are the opposite of us.
just give me one good reason.
and i'll give you feeling.
a reason for believing.
and everything after.
when in chester.
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