Lyrics to When I'm Old
When I'm Old Video:
It means more to me than to you, I know.
What I meant by that I can't say anymore.
Sometimes when I feel like there's no-one control.
Tomorrow never know. No-one answers the door.

If I know one thing, I don't know everything
I wonder what happened when you came in
And there's one thing more, I know it's not too fair
These things that I'm thinking I just can't share at all.

The dogs go to sleep but the cats are awake.
The full moon bakes through my curtain.
The light in my room won't be fading soon
It's a lonely old moon in the sky.

When I'm all alone and I think of being old I can see myself alone
I don't want to be alone when I'm old.
Songwriters: KURT BLOCH
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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