Lyrics to When I Was
When I Was Video:
When I was with her, didn't see her, didn't feel her touch
When I was with her, never held her, didn't need her much

When I was with her, didn't know her, didn't think I should
When I was with her, never showed her, never thought I could

Now I'm without her, It's getting colder, it's the same old thing
Now I have found her, I can see her, I can feel her sting

Held a diamond, right in my palm
Raising hell, couldn't stay calm
What has happened, don't understand
Jekyll and Hide, the evil in men

The same routine, the same mistakes
I never learned, what it takes
Loud ‘n proud, my head up high
Falling down, my only prize

Caught in a tin can, with her cold hand, holding down the lid
The darkness inside now, cannot climb out, cannot find a grip
The devil is waiting, masturbating, watching me break apart
The sinner is paying, I am praying, trying to safe my heart
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