When I Was Abroad Lyrics

Daniel Romano

Come Cry With Me

Lyrics to When I Was Abroad
When I Was Abroad Video:
Things were much better back then when I was abroad
I had no trouble find in her friend when I was her bro
I'd wonder for miles and miles
and every face gave me a smile
from a grand cooly damn to the Nile when I was abroad.

Well I never had trouble with love when I was abroad
though it seem to fall from above when I was abroad.
And no matter when we were engaged
and soon enough everything changed
I was held back and kept in caged from being abroad.

When I was abroad I saw
everything there was to see
since I've been home with you,
well I just don't feel like me,.
My days just seem to hang low
when every day used to be stand
so I'm telling my wife that I miss my old life
and I'm working on change it back.
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