When I Was A Young Boy Lyrics

Savoy Brown

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Lyrics to When I Was A Young Boy
When I Was A Young Boy Video:
when i was a young boy
advice i would scorn
now i'm gettin' a little older
i know i got a lot to learn

yesterday's illusions are tomorrow's smiles
i'll look back and laugh
baby, sometimes, in a while

(repeat twice)

and it always seems the same
and who knows what to blame
if i knew then what i know now
the mistakes i wouldn't have made...
but you can't get a sneak preview
over what you're gonna go through
and you have to rely on your body and mind
to see the light from shade

life's the same, but time does change
perspective of your view
you're lookin' for a mystery
but you can't find a clue

some say a man makes his life
some say that it's fate
but when you find out what to do
ohhh, sometimes it's too late...
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