When I Saw You Lyrics

Marcel B.

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Lyrics to When I Saw You
When I Saw You Video:
Vers 1: Once I thought That I can't love But once day you came into my life And I was love in you My heart screamd in the air I love you But you wasn't love in me Oh I can't understand why You don't love me From this day my heart pained Oh I wish me I've never see you Chorus: When I saw you When I saw you I know that I could be without you Whenn I saw you When I saw you I feel so deep I can't be without you Vers 2: Oh why I can't forget you I've try really everything But nothing has helped Oh I will be in your heart But you don't love me Chorus Vers 3: Baby I will try to forget you But it's so hard for me Oh baby please Listen my last message for yoo I waiting for you Chorus

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