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Lyrics to When Heaven's Calling You
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Not so long time ago, I know I saw death,
I have seen eternity but it sent me back.
Now I'm laying all awake, I can't sleep anymore
because I'm the only one to have seen heavens door.
I have felt the darkness
and the inner cold.
And I know it's hopeless
cause you have to go

When Heaven's calling you
and you have to go.
When Heaven's calling you
and you feel so low.
I don't know why it's time
and I don't want to go.
When Heaven's calling you
you're all alone...

Somehow it is strange to tell but it's what I have to do.
When the Angel of Death is near and spreads his Wings around you,
all of your life becomes at once so worthless and so small
While around you all turns black you only hear his call.
In the glimmer he stands there
laughing right at you
you wished him elsewhere
but he wants only you.


As I stand in the shadows,
my live passes by.
I'm walking over meadows,
a stairway to the sky.
So I marched right to the heavens door,
but it wouldn't open, now I'm back for more!!!

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