When Decades Become A Blur Lyrics

Jaded Teenager

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Lyrics to When Decades Become A Blur
When Decades Become A Blur Video:
I see the letters forming in your lips
As you speak each one, I think â??No no
You don't mean what you say
Wait before you speak, look before you leap�
But yet again, you tell me you love me
And I know you don't mean a word of it
I mean, we barely know anything
But we think this is how it's supposed to go
So I hold you close and listen as you whisper sweet nothings in my ear
When that's all they really are

They've barely known each other for two weeks
And already, they feel that their hearts are one and the stars were made for them
And they don't cease to say â??I love youâ? even though they don't have the slightest idea what love really is
But who does? Certainly not you and me, and certainly not the rest of our friends
Trying to grow up too early in a world that is all too accepting
Of adolescents aging at an accelerated rate
Naá¯ve and blind to pain
So we go on, crying our pubescent tears for adult problems
Teetering on the brink of depression
On the teeter-totter at the playground
Seeing the world for what it really is
I see it all from the see-saw

A junkie spending all his parents' money
Crouching in an alley
With food waiting on the table at home
Shooting up looking at the same shooting stars
He did with his dad only a year before
Before nothing happened and his whole life changed radically
Before he decided enough was enough
Enough of this cushy life he led
Enough of his cushy bed
The real world's always ready, but ready for the real world takes time

And another generation of kids
Barely walking, but talking about emotions
And devotion to others, why is childhood such a precious commodity
Yet nobody realizes that until its long gone?
I sit and watch from this barren playground
A ghost-town, and see the world for what it really is
I see it all from the see-saw
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