When Alpha And Omega Collide Lyrics

Sieges Even


Lyrics to When Alpha And Omega Collide
When Alpha And Omega Collide Video:
I've been struggling for so many years now
Aiming high, yet shooting low
My biography is like a looking glass
There's someone I don't know
Always asking me about my destiny
Spoken anger without words
On an empty street without life and joy
No sunlight to shine bright

Unfold the blueprint - your key to existence
A master plan for life - just play your cards right
Broken wings won't fly

The more adrenaline, the higher I fly
Without quest I find no rest
With every new goal there's yet another one
Constant pain to burn my chest
Heading out to roads that won't ever end
Alpha, omega: no interlink
The higher I fly, the deeper I fall
Going up means going down

Confront yourself - your blueprint for existence
The master plan for life - start playing your cards right
Broken wings won't fly

Collecting pieces of a map - still struggling to proceed
I'm feeling constant pain - deep wounds of inferiority
Confused I watch the chaos - divine creation unfold
With every single step I make - I'm stepping back again
I try to fly with broken wings - on and on and on and on

In the short run, I'm running out of time
Clock ticking cuts the air
Still running, yet it's a waste of breath
I'm gonna crash and burn
Working my way to the very end
On a point of no return
In a bitter world without life and joy
Dark forces hold my ground

Confront myself - with blueprints for existence
My master plan for life - I'll play my cards right
Broken wings won't fly
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