Lyrics to Wheels Within Wheels
Wheels Within Wheels Video:
East texas town
that's when the witnesses
said that it flew
up to the sky
like a chariot
headed for home
it all started back
a few years before
a vision came knocking
at burrell cannon's door
writing his sermon down
reading the word
all alone

all of the mysteries
made sense
god let him in
on his master blueprints
there was no doubt
in his mind
what he had to do
ezekiel saw wheels within wheels
and burrell seen them too

he went to work
building his dream
raising the cash
and giving it wings
loaded it up
on a train
for the st. louis fair
just out of texas
the wind and the rain
blew burrell's airship
right off that train
he turned his back
walked away
left it all laying there

everyone asked him
how could you quit
burrell told them
god had a hand in all this
he never meant man to fly
we read him
all wrong
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