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[Pharrell] Yo (Love hurts, hurts) Yo...Yo (Love hurts, hurts) I don't know how to understand you Love hurts, hurts, hurts) You won't give me a chance (Love hurts, hurts) (C'mon) (Love hurts, hurts) Yo, turn me up a little bit (Love hurts, hurts, hurts) I gotta talk to her (Love hurts, hurts, hurts) Yeah (Love hurts, hurts, hurts) Hey, baby [Verse 1] You don't have to have those beautiful eyes Or that... beautiful skin (So pretty) You don't have to walk that way (Oooh) Or be extraordinarily thin (You're the dopest, baby) You don't have to be a supermodel (Wish you weren't) To... be my girl (The whole world knows you) Or would I be a over-indulgence And just... make you hurl [Chorus] (What's wrong with me) (Yo...) What's wrong with me, yeah, yeah, yeah (Why can't I be with you) Why can't we be, yeah (You don't know what you do to me, I can feel you all over) Now look-a-here Now when I first met you (Damn) You, you never asked what I drove (You didn't ask about none of my cars) You told me I was beautiful (Thank you baby) Girl... and you ignored my clothes (Ignored my clothes...) Heaven only knows, knows, knows (Heaven only knows, the Lord knows) That you're the faceless girl of my dreams (Yeah...) Hey, but what's so weird (Crazy, crazy) I've seen you all along in magazines (You're all over the place, baby) What's wrong with me [Chorus] What's wrong with me, yeah, yeah, yeah Why can't we be, yeah, yeah (What's wrong with me...) What's wrong with me, yeah, yeah (C'mon, c'mon; c'mon baby) How long will it... be, yeah (C'mon) [Verse 3] Every once in a while I'll hear from you Which illuminates my day (So bright, baby, so bright) What's so scary I'm not, I'm not in love with you baby But I'm preventably on my way If I could remove all the lights from the world For an... experiment for me (Let me show you something), you'd learn that When in the dark, if you use your heart (C'mon, c'mon) You'd, you'd most certainly see (Look here) That I'm the one for you [Chorus] with "Wooo, wooo" in background What's wrong with me, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ohhhh) (What's wrong with me...) Why can't we be, yeah [Breakdown] (music changes) I don't get it You mean so much me What's wrong, am I too demanding? Listen I just wanna feel you I just wanna touch you Please be mine (What's wrong, baby) You'll be my breakfast every morning [Chorus in background becomes distorted] I'll eat you (What's wrong with me) You'll be my lunch, I'll eat you (Why can't we be) You'll be my dinner, I'll eat you (Oooh-oooh, Oooh-oooh, what's wrong with me) What's wrong with me, baby (What's wrong with me) I'll eat you on the rocks I'll do it better than any of those (How long will it... be) I'll do it better than your ex-boyfriend I'll do it better than that bitch you're sleeping with now I'll eat you (Wooo, wooo... Wooo, wooo) What's wrong with me (Wooo, wooo... Wooo, wooo) Huh, what's wrong with me (Wooo, wooo... Wooo, wooo) Yeah, yeah (Wooo, wooo... Wooo, wooo) Hey baby I'll eat you I'll eat you...

Songwriters: Hugo, Chad / Williams, Pharrell L
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