Lyrics to What's Up Ladies?
What's Up Ladies? Video:
What's up ladies, hold my hand
Riding shotgun
Pumpin' new summer jamz
With the top down
Chrome wheels getting busy
They spin so fast, that they kinda make you dizzy
What's up ladies do you wanna meet me
Yeah I'm talking about girls in bikinis
You know I'm down with all the fly honeys
Who down with my party, not with my money

Fresh summer air it hits my lungs
Than hits my brain and rolls off my tongue
To a song that sounds so soothing
Everyone they just can't stop moving
Get up, get up, oh, get down
Shout it out loud, let word get around
There's a party right up on the block
Where girls body move
And drop it like it's hot

Living life in the fast lane
Even if they wanna,
No one can pass me
I ain't want no drama
Maury knows you ain't my baby's momma

What's up ladies
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