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Prevolver The Mixtape

Lyrics to What's The Bidness
What's The Bidness Video:
ah ah ah ah
got my hand on the leg
is your breath to take em home with me e e e e
but everything gotta be straight
let that nigga come see e e e e
how many friend does she comes with?
how many fine?, how many pre e e e e tty?
how many gonna be the party popper
how many gonna be getting fre e e e aky

she giving me the ... with the eyes
she be telling me yay yay yay yay
she really dont even know what im working
but ima take a ..
so whats the business
shawty let me know
ima gonna get on the dance floor
follow me if you wanna roll

lets do something that
something that you always wanted to do
another shutter ge ge get you hotter
and i think i gotta chance
to go with home with you
it could be 35, 45, 55,65
75, 85,95..100 percent

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