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That's Right

Lyrics to What's A Skin
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Skinheads there when things get rough, and when he's needed he's always tough
Won't ever run, won't ever hide he ain't scared that they'll lock him inside
Seems to stand above them all, he'll be there when the lowlifes fall
You know what I say is true, you know in your heart when I speak about you
Know in your heart when I speak about you

{What's a skin, he's hard, What's a skin, he's tough, What's a skin, he's honorable}

Do you think we won't live long? Do you think that we're not strong?
Fire burns in all of our hearts, Be on top cause we got the smarts
Skinhead knows when he is right, And he knows he don't have to fight
But when he does he tends to win, That's how they remember him, That's how they remember him
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