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Silence, The

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Lyrics to Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes Video:
Shout aloud, get it out

Let the case confuse itself

I'll take the bruises

Feel the scars

If it shows you who you are

I'll ride the wave if it catches your attention

I'll be your slave if it shows you your intentions

Whatever it takes

Whatever it takes

To clear your eyes

Whatever it takes, tell me

What will it take

To blow your mind

What will it take

Let it rain upon your field

unafraid of what's revealed

All your ideas more

Important than the life you conceal

I'll take the blame if it shatters your inventions

I'll be your saint if it activates ascension

Whatever it takes

I have a dream

Just one dream

There's no distance between you and me

I'll take the fire

I'll hold the bars

I'll be everything you hate

I'll be everything you are

Whatever it takes
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