Lyrics to What You Wanted
What You Wanted Video:
through the remains i have been sorting
seeking refuge underneath flourescent skies
an apocalypse of pity
i know she is safe and building her disguise

bracing for the scavengers
who reign upon my humble domain
fills my face with anger
into permanent distortion

i'm ugly getting over you
it's what you wanted
you're gorgeous running out of me
it's what you wanted
i'm ugly getting over you
i know that you're more beautiful now

everday's survival lesson
brings another scarring session to sustain
i anticipate a lesion
it's a chemical reaction to my pain

7,000 weathered faces
hide my beautiful and buried smile
sleeping seems to be the greatest medication

i'm switching channels, silly sitcoms are a metronome
one beat about half an hour
i will shun the radio
because i hear my life in every song

brushing off the bottle
i become a connoisseur for a night
rake the dead grass from the bitter green
that's growing wild
Songwriters: Vander Ark, Brian / Vander Ark, Brad / Dunning, A.J. / Brown, Donny
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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