What You Pay (The Fu's) Lyrics


Checkmate EP

Lyrics to What You Pay (The Fu's)
What You Pay (The Fu's) Video:
Give me hot air, Im sick of solid ground give me a cause that we can rally around Give me a boat thats gunna take us home give my your precious thoughts cause I've got none.

We just wanna have a laugh we just wanna have a say
Who cares if you dont think like us we're just fuckheads anyway

Giving nothing Asking nothing
Promising nothing Delivering nothing

People look to us for nothing Nothing is what they'll get We're not handing out salvations why does that make you so upset

Responsibility a bunch of shit we'll guide all followers off a fucking cliff correct my thinking, and make me gag
we'll tell you lies cause it makes us laugh
Not hear to sell the crucial truth and we wont paint pictures of angry youth
go find some hero to jerk you off
feel safe and righteous and youll pay the cost
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