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Lyrics to What You Make About It
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vers 1 can you feel the fire burning can you see the flames reach high we're not from a town like berlin rosenheim is rockin' you tonight wer're singing against ignorance trying to go against the system it's important to watch your stance and at least we'll give all back to 'em chorus life is what you make about it don't even give up if everything turns to shit this is all that we want you to don't let someone push you and break through (2x) vers 2 now it's time to forget about things that don't let us spread our wings to get to the special wave of ska which makes a feeling that comes from jah no more place for desperation and sadness no more place for discrimination and madness fuck a girl drink a beer and when it hurts don't lose a tear cause you're on a party that seems never to end just be happy let it show an listen to this band then you're shown the perfect way to feel the vibes when you want it's a feeling that never dies chorus vers 3 if you look out the window what can you see i'm not just talking of drunks and poverty look at all these bored guys who want to fight they're so stupid that they think it was right for example this girl without parents bad clothes and dirty hands and any friends but she keeps on going her way and this is exactly what we want to say

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