What Will You Do, Love? Lyrics

Cathie Ryan

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Lyrics to What Will You Do, Love?
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What will you do, love, when I am going

With white sails flowing, the seas beyond?

What will you do, love, when waves divide us

And friends may chide us for being fond?

Though waves divide us, and friends be chiding

In faith abiding I'll still be true

And I'll pray for you on the stormy ocean

In deep devotion, that's what I'll do

What would you do, love, if distant tidings

Your fond confidings should undermine?

And I, abiding 'neath sultry skies

Should think other eyes were as bright as thine?

Oh say it not, though guilt and shame

Were on your name, I would still be true

But that heart of yours, should another share it

I could not bear it, what would I do?

What would you do, love, when home returning

With hopes high burning, with wealth for you

If my barque which bounded o'er the foreign foam

Should be lost near home? What would you do?

So you were spared, I'd bless the morrow

In want and sorrow, that left me you

And I'd welcome you from the wasting billow

My heart, your pillow, that's what I'll do
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