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Lyrics to What Will I Do?
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We talked about our dreams forever then
sitting around the old campfire
holding each other's hand in hand
i hoped and pray that it would never end
that one day we could make our dreams come true
just you and me
those precious times that we often shared alone
our only old memories left
its time to leave them all behind
i really thot it would never end
but why did it have to be this way
cuz i still love you
and yes i do

what will i do wen
i need to talk to u to hear
ur loving words
to me now baby
wishing i would be the one that u love too
where will i go wen
i need to be wit u?
to see ur smiling face next to mine
taking away all the sorrow and the pain

you have been gone for such a long time now
and no one could ever take ur place
w/out u my life is broken
theres nothign left except just to say goodbye
and hope that one day u will be bak wit me again

chorus 2x
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