What We Want, What We Get Lyrics

Dave Barnes

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Lyrics to What We Want, What We Get
What We Want, What We Get Video:
Baby, we are lying here
Pretending that we're both asleep
I can hear your broken heart
In every single breath you breathe
It's hard to find the words to say
When we both hurt like this
I close my eyes and pray
Time will heal what we're bound to miss

No one can ever say
Why it goes this way

Sometimes what we want isn't what we get

Sometimes what we get ain't really what we want
It seems for every one we win
There's another we three we lose
We've waited for the answer here
Only just to leave confused
You know you're forever mine
And baby, I'm forever yours
I've waited in the darkest rooms
Waiting on the open door

We've been so long wishing for things
We just keep forgetting that we
Got all we'll ever need in you and me

Everything we have, anything we got
It was given baby. It was given baby
There ain't a thing we need that heaven forgot
It was given, baby. It was given, baby.
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