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Nationwide Rip Ridaz

Lyrics to What We Celieve In
What We Celieve In Video:
Avalon Gangsta Crip that's where I rip
And keep my muthafuckin' extra clip (yeah)
To my glock as I pop on a muthafuckin' snoop
Swig to shoot, muthafucka I don't give a hoot
Like Woody, and you're I'm up to no goodie
So I blast your ass cause I'm one tuff cookie
Comin thru givin' up that evil ass East Side
Where the gangstas ride, it's a homicide
And I stay down for my crown on the daily (that's right)
Blastin' on these busta ass snoops, they can't fade me
It's an evil thang gotta let my nuts
Gangbang slang caine it's an "A" thang

Ready or not, here we go, servin' slobs off
We ???

?Come from? the hood when you see me with this p-funk blast
And tell 'em Fudge Town Crip dippin' corner and mash
And this is tha East side 10-5 mafioso
Super ?Dee? that trippin' Rip Ridin' with the loc
This the dub and Watts up
Because where thuggin' don't matter whooo whooooo!!!
And we movin on you slob better scatter
Caught up in the rap, Crip, Crip, killin'up shit major danger
One in the chamber Cuzz they can't fuck with it off-brand other side
Trick stop frontin' you dis Crip and it's on bitch and you we gon' move
Some bumpin' "steady dippin'" it's only right that I floss
Brown raggin' khaki saggin', itchin'to take off
Check me out, tssss tssss, oh shit, that's how it goes down
I know I got him, I shot him, your homie is dead, how ya like me now
I'm takin' off that's on Watts you don't hear me
I got a Tec with teflon and a cold hearted ?crime?


Ready or not I'ma bust shot after shot on the block sixteen shot
Eastside Watts, and I got Crips to the front to the back of me
The W.F.C.G. is the game you don't wanna see
So watch out for a nigga like Freeze in the cut
Got the gauge on your ass and ?jet? until I buck
Shots to Watts niggaz that's known for seein' you quick to take off
We will blast on his ?people? make you jump like Kriss Kross
It's real, Franklin Crip it's much sicker than Manson
I gave you a chance for life but you chose dancing
With a nigga like Freeze so I rolls on that ass
It's ??? on that ass cause I'm tossin that ass
It's like uhm...
I'm constantly takin' off and OoooH
How I love it when my Mossberg barrel cause many plenty snoops
With my Franklin Crip peers on the Eastside of Watts
And we been here for years got the turf sewed up
So if you thinkin' about creepin' nigga, think again
I got the streetsweaper sweapin'
And I'll be peepin a whole lot of you snoops with there so called cloud
But now you wild cause the bitches pullin ho-cards out
You feel froggie come outta here see my gat jump
And I'mma split yo ass in half with my pump
See the fog came strong trough the chronic I spark
And apparently you bustas hold a whole lot heart
It's just me and my gun, but my locs are right behind me
Watts is the spot and on the Duece is where you find me
And you see creepin' in the streets like I ?strugglin'?
Every loc everywhere and every dog has his day
Are you ready YEAH are you ready NO
?They pause? for the cause, make him shit in his drawers


Franklin Square Crips
BK Ridin'
Fuck every Slob nigga in the ?? nigga
And it's like that nigga
From Watts to Compton nigga to South Central, nigga to the Avalon
Franklin Fushed Town and Front Street
Atlantic Drive, Kelly Park, we still serve heats nigga
And we got beef will we die
Crips don't die, we multiply, nigga don't ask why
Fuck you niggaz and your mommas and dead homies and everything nigga
And that's real
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