Lyrics to What We Came Fo'
What We Came Fo' Video:
(feat. Gamblaz, Guce)

[Verse 1]
Guce nigga, back out of jail and still fiendin'
California dreamin' wild with Gators
Westside pullin' capers
Big boss when we push off the purple and sippin' on yac
Now I made ya bitch wanna be like how you act, I'm all that
Still hurtin' from the heart, from the block party to the park
I keep it real with my niggas from the start
They never came to see me
I'm steady bustin' like I stepped on these motherfuckers love me
Better guard ya silk dog, I got my wealth
The front cover of a murder dog, we all hogs
Spot full of cock, bitch niggas get blue balls
It's sick that you should fuck with a real West Coast nigga
Fuck that scrilla, imagine that
Real run around, we'll run around
Have you ever heard of a get paid G
Hoggin' ballin' they one piece to the streets, it's dir-ty
The police thinkin' they know about me and how I did it
They mad cause everything we talk about we did it
Pull a mob trifecta, soldiers ready to wreck ya
Bitch niggas that snitch or go to jail that mafia gonna get ya
Hitters with wigs, bustin' with zigs
We subject the closer we get
My holster to chest, ya left wet

[Verse 2]
I fuck with three hundred a week
I keep thuggin' and lovin' the shit that I speak
Hungry starvin' and searchin' lurkin' workin' for pops
Young nigga have us some big fat knots
Hate to be with or without it retaliate with ya plate in my hand
Now who's the man with the master plan
I dump, spin-off and get away with the quickness
Shot off ya mama's house, stole ya dope, fucked ya bitches
Ain't no thing to a boss
To be a boss a playa costs
To take from ya wrist and take a loss
I take and toss you toss it back
You don't wanna catch a heart attack
Bust, huss and get em' back, nigga

[Hook x2]
I thought you knew what we came fo'
Give up the money and the dough before ya brains blow
That's how it is, ain't no love in this biz
I did it all for a reason if so it would've never been did

[Verse 3]
Yeah we ghetto platinum so back up nigga we hot scorchin'
I'm in this game for strictly the fame and the fortune
We full force up in the rap industry so take caution
Man it's the Gamblaz and the DPG
With Guce Corleone so man I'm claimin' GOP
And ain't gon' ever stop my nigga we invest in this shit
Lyricals techs that get you wet when I spit it
Y'all nigga done did it y'all fuckin' with made niggas
We block mobsters and unstoppable we can't be beat
Y'all wanna see us nigga meet us on the street
At any time or place in beef you can't sleep
I'm the number one contender makin' y'all meet defeat
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