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White Eyes

Lyrics to What Up Then
What Up Then Video:
(feat. Monique O'Neil, S. Bear)

Ooh come here girl, uggggh
Damn, you all thick round there

All I came to do, is get my party on
Dance all night, till the early morn'
But you look kinda jazzy, and you caught my eye
The Caddy's in the front, can we take a ride
(I usually don't do this, when I first meet
But play your cards right, and then we'll see what's up then)
So tell me girl, what's up with you
Tell me baby girl, what's up with you

I fell in lust when I saw you baby, shaking that ass
Got me really contemplating bout, taking that ass
To the crib with me, and I ain't letting you leave
Until you know you're top class, you belong to me
Let me drink this Hennessey, with ya
Let me smoke this 'gar weed, with ya
I ain't trying to hit ya, I want you to see the bigger picture
Them niggaz broke, and I'm playing with a couple figgas
Try me, don't you wanna live the good life
You so cute, you'll make a nigga a good wife
Make pretty kids, just tell me where you wanna live and I'll provide
Just tell me what kind, color I'm going by your eyes
You ain't heard, girl I fuck with P
Big paper, so you straight cause you fuck with me
I like anything expensive, I'm top notch
Anything else is senseless, is you with that


Let me whisper some'ing, in your ear
Tell you some'ing that you need to hear, you the shit mami
Let me show you, where you need to be
Right chea on the side of me, looking good mami
Let me take you, on a shopping spree
Let's stop by Victoria's Secrets, before we leave
You wanna see the world, fly to the Swiss Alps
You stressed out, tired of niggaz that ain't no help
I got you, let me show you the other side
The way it shoulda been, the way you 'sposed feel inside
Come take a ride with me, let me share some game with ya
Let me share some of this fame with ya, believe me baby I'm with ya
Come and get your issue, cause baby you deserve
Them niggaz that vex your nerve, kick 'em to the curb
Now you rolling, with the big dogs
Any shots round here, I'm the one to call baby you wanna ball

[Hook x2]

Ha-ha-ha, I knew y'all thought we was gon stop
All y'all talking, Soulja Productions you heard
Yeah Magic still down, don't be mad
It's on and popping, you heard
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