What U Gonna Do For Me Lyrics

Grand Puba

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Lyrics to What U Gonna Do For Me
What U Gonna Do For Me Video:
(feat. Tiffany Johnson)

[Hook: Grand Puba and Tiffany Johnson]
What you gonna do for me, hey
If I spend this dough
Nigga don't try to think, oh
That I'm just one of these hoes
I'm just tryin' to holla at you, hey
To see where your head is at
Don't think cause you bought me a drink, oh
That you gon' have me on my back

[Tiffany Johnson]
He loves me, nah he loves me not
He probably thought I was in love but I loved his knots
It's hard to resist, shit what type of offer is this
Niggas drive me nuts cause all they offer is dick
Oil me up, talk slick, say what they will
But the last time I checked, dick don't pay the bills
Dick can't get a crib and dick can't get a car
If I decide to buy up will I get that far
What chu' thought, I should go ahead and extort
Combin' through dough, brushin' up my credit report
Play what I'm dealt, that attitude placed on a shelf
Shit I act like I'm the only child and play with myself
When you wax off I wax on
Twist trees so I can get a lil' higher
Like steppin' in platforms
In the supreme, then I'm spillin' the beans
Switch ya shit like gettin' chips from a vending machine


[Grand Puba]
Is you a gold digger or is you diggin' a nigga
Dig the way I put it down or tryin' to dig in my figures
See I don't stress ass, I play McNabb and pass
Put some ass next to money watch me snatch the cash
I might beat it up, send it along
If I don't recognize you next time I see you
Cause you got clothes on
Listen Mommie Playa, playin' me is no chance
Better off in a titty bar doin' a lap dance
I'm not new to this, recognize them hoes like Ludacris
Gotta be inside of her mind before we reach the whip
You know the situation, no chicken chasin'
Bounced more chicks outta my Cipher than immigration
Cause this is Grand Puba
How you like to bring it on
Chicks doin' flips yellin' rah, rah, rah
It ain't about what I'm gonna do for you
Fuck the dumb shit baby, what chu' gon' do for me


[Grand Puba]
Uh, wish I with it is you single or committed
Niggas got the full court press tryin' to hit it
OK miss, we gon' do it like this
I'ma spend a lil' dough, buy you a big bottle of Cris..co
Go fry some fish yo, you know how the story go
Gotta get to know ya before I start trickin' dough
After that we see what's up, I tell ya what we do
Take a ride in the truck up to FoxWood Casino
P caught trial up or we can keep it ghetto
Play the crib and get stuck
Crack a bottle smoke a lot with the flat screen, what
I'm far from Armani
Watch me slide up in the cut
Like a thong up in a fat girl's butt
That's heavy, make chicks bounce ass like a Chevy
I hold it down like I arrest revies
Grand Puba, you know how I'ma flip it
Gotta buy a car, whip, doughnut
And change up to plane tickets so

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